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New Study IDs Ways to Preserve Margins and Reduce Merchant Attrition

New research report from ePay Consulting Services, Merchant Acquiring: Leading Practices in Retention Management, highlights key trends and operational challenges that are impacting the merchant acquiring market today. Looking forward, the study also identifies leading practices that can help preserve margins, reduce attrition rate, and solidify your organization's foundation for the future.

New York, New York - January 31, 2014 – Merchant attrition is a growing concern for merchant acquirers and independent sales organizations (ISOs), and Retention Management needs to become a top strategic priority for organizations that want to be recognized as forward-thinking and service-oriented providers.

A new research was conducted by ePay Consulting Services in cooperation with The Strawhecker Group. The study, titled Merchant Acquiring: Leading Practices in Retention Management, surveyed a cross-section of merchant service providers (ISOs and acquirers), that had collectively transacted $550 billion in bankcard sales for more than 1 million merchants.

Key findings gleaned from the study indicated that attrition concerns are growing exponentially. As many as 50% of the survey respondents indicated that attrition rates had increased over the past 3 years. Respondents whose organizations had utilized proactive tactics to detect and manage merchant retention fared far better than those that used predominantly reactive tactics. Further, the data confirmed that a growing number of companies are focusing a significant portion of their budget dollars on signing new accounts. This may be due, in part, to the fact that it takes as many as 3 new accounts to overcome the diminished value of a single lost merchant. It was no surprise that many survey respondents felt finding thoughtful and effective methods to improve customer retention while preserving margins was, and would continue to be a top priority.

"To achieve success in merchant retention, organizational DNA must change. This will make it possible for traditional merchant service providers to take on new roles and deliver improved services in a customer-centric, high touch environment."

Sherry Seetram, President of ePay Consulting Services and author of the report resulting from the study

This report can benefit a wide cross-section of businesses and individuals including: payment companies, merchant service providers and resellers, technology companies, consultants, investors, analysts, and private equity firms that cover the merchant acquiring industry.

For forward-thinking organizations, this report will provide insight into what your industry peers think the challenges and opportunities are with regard to retention; and more importantly, you'll see how they are allocating budget dollars to improve retention rates.

"If you're in this business and you're not investing in improving customer retention, you will find yourself at a significant disadvantage."

Sherry Seetram

Highlights of the report include:
  • Key trends in merchant attrition and retention management
  • Retention management operational practices
  • Common metrics and definitions
  • Organization structure and incentives
  • Major pain points, business considerations, and leading practices
  • Merchant Retention market outlook
  • The comprehensive report is 24 pages long and offers 14 exhibits to illustrate findings from the study.

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    About the author

    Sherry Seetram is president and founder of ePay Consulting Services, a specialty electronic payments consultancy. Sherry has more than a decade of extensive experience in the merchant acquiring and processing industry. Her specific areas of expertise are in business strategy and operations. She has worked with a broad spectrum of management consulting firms, several of the top 25 companies in merchant acquiring and large merchants in the technology industry, such as Microsoft. Prior to launching ePay Consulting Services, Sherry worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Payments Advisory Practice, where she led several large scale payments engagements with major payment companies and merchants. Sherry also worked at First Data Corporation where she held leading roles in Finance and Risk Programs. Sherry earned an MBA from Long Island University and her BS in Finance from St. John's University.

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