Merchants Payments Consulting

We support merchants in all markets and industry verticals by offering merchants an independent view of the payments ecosystem and opportunities to improve their payments acceptance processing at competitive rates.

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Vendor Analysis

Vendor Assessment

We know that the payments landscape is complex to navigate and constantly changing, making it overwhelming for merchants.  Further, as consumers learn about emerging technologies and new methods of payments like digital wallets, and location based promotions and loyalty programs, the process to select a provider with the right capabilities to meet these demands will add a deeper layer of complexity for merchants. With over a decade of building relationships with payments processing providers, gateways and fraud vendors, we help to ease the confusion and time consuming process that usually exist when interacting with these providers or seeking a new payment service provider.  We offer an independent view of vendor selections and rationalization methodology by applying an assessment framework to evaluate vendors on various criteria (e.g., capabilities, customer service, price, integration compatibility and timelines, reporting tools, responsiveness, partners, geographic footprint).  We also help our clients to negotiate contracts, analyze pricing and provide industry insights & perspectives.

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Payment Processing Operating Improvements

Merchant Account Servicing

If you’re a small or large merchant you may be facing difficulties reconciling your payment processing statements or understanding your costs, and if you're processing with multiple providers, reconciliation can become a full-time job.  We help our clients to create an automated process to easily reconcile monthly statements whether it is for one or multiple merchant service providers.  As an outcome of the analysis, we are able to identify cost savings opportunities, errors and best practices.  Our clients can easily access their transaction information and analyze their costs across lines of business, products, geography, etc. by using a proprietary dashboard developed for the busy merchant in mind. We help our clients to better understand their processing needs, work with their providers to gain transparency, optimize payments capabilities, ensure proper risk and fraud controls are in place, streamline processing operation and reconciliation management as well as ensure costs are managed.

Merchant Payments Education

We help our clients to stay on top of the latest regulatory and technological changes impacting their business and identify opportunities to capitalize on these changes. We offer an independent view of the payments ecosystem and opportunities to leverage tools that will help to improve their bottom-line.

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